Lister Libretto super clipper

Lister Libretto super clipper
Lister Libretto super clipper

Ideal for mobile groomers, vets, heavy trimming jobs out in the paddock, miniature horses.

The Lister Libretto super clipper offers three power options:
Battery pack (included in kit)
Mains power pack ($155 – not included in kit)
Leads to run off car battery ($95 – not included in kit)

Spare battery pack: $180
Spare battery pack with charger and belt: $195

  • battery pack clips to a belt (included) to wear around the waist and is connected to the clipper by a coil cord. This has up to 3 hours run time from a single charge
  • smaller body for those hard to reach places
  • quiet and portable
  • supplied in carry case with service equipment and tools
  • blades are the same as the Wahl KM series blades
  • clipper speed: 3600 rpm
  • the Libretto clipper uses the same powerpack as the Liberty horse clipper, making it the perfect clipping partner
  • 1 year warranty included (Coastal Sharpening are warranty agents for these clippers