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Wahl Lithium Bravura Cordless Clipper
Wahl Lithium Bravura clipper
Wahl Lithium Bravura clipper

Chrome-plated precision blade set made in Germany, simple to remove for easy cleaning. Fine tooth blade set – ideal for removing matted fur!


Wahl Arco Cordless Clipper/Trimmer
Wahl Arco clipper
Wahl Arco clipper

The Arco clipper/trimmer is one of the quietest clippers on the market. It can be used for full body clips on small dogs or any trimming on horses or dogs.


Wahl Bravura Mini Cordless trimmer
Wahl Bravura mini cordless trimmer
Wahl Bravura mini cordless trimmer

Ideal for trimming around the face and feet. Quiet, lightweight and low vibration. 5350 strokes per minute. Ultra-close cutting. 100 minutes of cordless operation.

Shear Magic Nifty Clipper
Shear Magic Nifty Light Duty Clipper
Shear Magic Nifty Light Duty Clipper

The Shear Magic Nifty Clipper is just that – a “nifty” little clipper designed for light duty on dogs, cats, and horses.  It is ideal for trimming around faces, legs, and eyes, and can be used to clip a full small dog if required.

The Nifty clipper is also great because of the adjustable blade lever.  This allows you to change the height of the blade so you can adjust the clipping height.  From really close to the skin (equivalent to blade size 30) to leaving more hair (equivalent to blade size 9) all with just one blade.  The kit also contains plastic combs that simply click on and off, to leave as much hair as desired.

The motor is quiet and very reliable to provide you with years of trouble free performance.  The clipper is lightweight so you won\’t tire and can manoeuvre it into all those tricky places.  The Nifty clipper is covered by our 12 month warranty against manufacturing faults and is fully supported by spare parts.


  •   Adjustable blade lever, to adjust the length of cut with just the one blade (30,15,10,9)
  • 4 different plastic comb sizes – 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, and 13mm for any styling needs.
  • Electromagnetic motor for quiet reliable operation.
Shear Magic Battery Trimmer
Shear Magic 4500 Batter Operated Trimmer
Shear Magic 4500 Batter Operated Trimmer
  • The perfect touch up trimmer
  • Ideal for faces, ears and paws
  • Ultra lightweight and ergonomic
  • Easy – to – grip handle
  • Powerful rotary motor
  • Guaranteed to out perform any other trimmer in its class
  • Battery operated – requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)