Removing & Attaching Clipper Blades

Also how to open  the clipper hinge if it accidentally closes without a blade in place.

And how to put on a snap-on, spring-loaded guide comb.


REMOVING A Clipper Blade

The clipper hinge 
positions are pictured above.

The clipper blade sits on a tab that moves on a hinge like a door.  When the blade is properly seated on the clipper and ready to cut hair, the hinge is closed.  In order to remove the blade, the hinge needs to be opened. The picture above shows the hinge in the open position.  In order to open the hinge, I need to push the bar-type button and rock the teeth-end of the blade away from the body of the clipper.

The arrow indicates the
Blade Release Button 
on this particular
clipper.  Other clippers may vary.

I press the bar-shape button
in and hold it in place.

This picture shows the direction the blade opens. I pull the teeth-end of the blade
away from the body of the clipper. 

The picture above shows how I open
the clipper hinge to release the blade.

The blade is now just sitting on the
hinge and can be lifted off the clipper.


ATTACHING A Clipper Blade

My Oster clippers a tongue
or hinge that the blade slips on.

The hinge is pictured here
in the “open” position and
ready to accept a blade.

The open hinge slips in
the slot on the blade.

I seat the blade.

Then turn the clipper on and
snap the blade into place
while the clipper is running.
It’s now ready to use.
On occasion, the clipper blade doesn’t seat properly
after following these steps. When the clipper is
turned on, the top cutter blade that also has teeth fails to
move as it’s supposed to so it won’t clip hair. 
For some blades you will need to push & hold the Blade Release  Button in when putting blades on the clipper so that they will snap into place



If The Hinge Accidentally Closes Without A Blade In Place…

There can be times when the hinge has snapped
back down.  The hinge needs to be lifted
again in order to attach a clipper blade.

I always UNPLUG the clipper
first before lifting the hinge.

I use a flat screw driver to lift the hinge
so it will snap into the “open” position.

I carefully work the end of the screw-
driver under the hinge and pry it open.
If part of the blade tension spring-socket is on the clipper, you will need to push & hold the blade release button in while doing the above.

The hinge is again in the open position.


Attaching A Snap-On, Spring-Loaded Comb

Pictured above are the clipper, a stainless
steel snap-on comb, a plastic snap-on
comb and a #30 clipper blade.

I’m going to attach the stainless
steel snap-on comb.  The blade has
been properly attached to the clipper.

The tabs at the bottom of the
spring-loaded snap-on comb hook
under the bottom of the blade.

Hooking the tabs under the
base of the clipper blade.

The tabs are hooked in place.

I line up the blade and carefully
push the comb forward…

and hook the the comb over the
teeth at the front of the clipper blade.

This snap-on comb is now
properly attached.

The clipper is now ready to use.