Wahl KM-2 speed clipper

Wahl KM-2 speed clipper
Wahl KM-2 speed clipper

The Wahl KM-2 is a professional animal clipper kit that was designed with all of the important features in mind such as being lightweight, convenient and quiet.
Now with more cutting power, this advanced performance corded clipper kit includes the #10 Ultimate Competition series blade.
New and improved blade runs 2.5 times faster yet stays cooler for glide through cutting.
Powerful sealed motor that requires no maintenance, is fan cooled and impact and chemical resistant with a 16 foot heavy-duty power cord.
High torque Wahl KM-2 speed clipper is designed for durability and comfort and is perfect for full body clipping as well as trimming the face, ears and paws.
19.5 cm long, weighs 370 grams.
2-year limited warranty.
Made in Hungary.